Better Product Leadership Is Where It's At

New product leaders (as well as experienced managers) can always use a fresh perspective to help them as they navigate the waters of product leadership. I bring years of product experience to your table along with customized coaching to elevate your game (and team).


What I Do

Career Planning for Adaptive Leaders

Product management careers can be long and rewarding. They can also be a bit messy. I can help you sit down and figure out what you love, what you want to learn, and where you want to be in the future. We’ll apply the adaptable framework to help you move forward with the confidence you need to help create the right opportunities.

Coaching for New Product Leaders

Have you been promoted into product leadership? Are you running a team of product managers? Do you have to figure out how to organize, lead, and motivate your team? Are you wondering how much of the daily work to let go of, and what you should be spending your time on instead? I’ve been there. Let’s talk.

Optimize Your Product Organization

Are you leading a large number of product managers? Do you also work with design and engineering leaders? Are you wondering how to create effective product teams using the best practices and lessons learned of many companies and organizations. I’m here to help you. I used to be an organizational change consultant, and I use those skills to help leaders optimize their organization to get the most out of people.

General Product Consulting

Do you need help with the nuts and bolts of conceiving, building, and launching a product for your business? While I don’t do a lot of this with other responsibilities, I do sometimes provide management consulting services. If it looks like I am a fit and my schedule provides, I can help you ensure success for your product initiatives with an adaptive plan that makes sense for your unique situation.

"I provide coaching and consulting services on a limited basis. I help product leaders improve their skills, broaden their perspectives, challenge their assumptions, and empower their teams to reach a new level of success."
Nathan Rohm